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Now offering RAPID TAN...(shower in 2-4 hours!!)   Clear solution for brides and people who HATE bronzer and brides!!!  GROUP DISCOUNTS!!! (BIG!!) It is now against the law to go in a tanning bed if you're under 18!!   Come to me..and you'll look 18...FOREVER!!! LOL
Welcome to Chicagoland's one and only mobile boutique spray tanning firm!  We offer you the ultimate in privacy and convenience by bringing your custom,(ALL OF OUR SOLUTIONS ARE CUSTOMIZED FOR OUR CLIENTS!!  We are MASTERS at this!!! ) GORGEOUS, sun  kissed glow straight to your door!  We come to you, any time, any place, & offer  group discounts!   We LOVE making people look and feel their healthy, glowy, skinniest BEST!! Just call, text (TEXTING IS BEST!!) or shoot us an email and we'll be there asap!!  847-530-8030  We LOVE giving group & student discounts (tanning parties, competitions, weddings, bachelorette parties, prom, dances, dates, vacation etc.....) ANYTHING you want to look good for!!
Best price and product GUARANTEED!!!
         The fully customized airbrush tanning service from The Glow Fairy is designed to deliver personalized coloring recipes for every individual client. With state of the art airbrush tanning technology and expertly-trained Aesthetic Skin Consultants, The Glow Fairy will make you question ever sitting out in the sun again!! 
SMART GIRLS FAKE IT!!!!!  SPRING is OFFICIALLY HERE!!       Time to get UNdepressed and turn that veiny milky white skin all golden and glowy...Time to get your  GLOW on!!!

We have custom shades created solely for looking COMPLETELY natural  here in the chilly mid west... NEVER ORANGE.....NEVER....Just a BETTER version of YOU!!!
     Our service includes a CUSTOM spray glow followed with hydrating tan sealer....(and free fairy dust on request......)
                                                      Cash or check only my lovelies!!!               847 530 8030     
      The fairies have made it cheaper for you to receive a CUSTOM airbrush glow on your time, completely private, without having to get into a machine operated tan in a can, where you have absoutely NO control over your finished product. We are the ABSOLUTE BEST at customizing the perfect color and skin formula for YOU!!
The other huge advantage of spray tanning is the lack of UV damage. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you all know about all the horrible things the sun does to your skin.
TA DA! Application including drying is about 15 minutes. We fully customize the application to your desired shade. Light to dark and everything in between. NEVER Orange. Never.               
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